2 FULL Holiday Workouts

As promised, I’ve got two new FULL workouts for you today.  Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and I mostly stuck to bullet points outlined in the survival guide I posted last week (there was an extra unplanned meal of pizza that I couldn’t resist). Part of that plan was to fit in a couple of workouts and my sister and I did just that in the basement of my parents house.  We even got the kids involved to do some modified sled pushes.

Nephew Sled

The exact workouts we did are found in the following pdf (Also found in the resources tab). They are mostly bodyweight with the exception of some farmer carries.  All of the plyometric movements can be regressed to the regular version of the movements. If you have any questions or hit any of these up let me know! Enjoy!


First December Friday "Fun"isher
Post-Turkey Day Friday "Fun"isher

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