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2 FULL Holiday Workouts

As promised, I’ve got two new FULL workouts for you today.  Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and I mostly stuck to bullet points outlined in the survival guide I posted last week (there was an extra unplanned meal of pizza that I couldn’t resist). Part of

Post-Turkey Day Friday “Fun”isher

So do you need a jolt at the end of your workout to burn off some of those extra Thanksgiving day calories? This finisher will be the perfect solution.  Definitely challenging on the grip and the core. 5 rounds, for time of: A) Ab wheel Rollouts x

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

    So the holidays are upon us and that usually means two things: family and food.  We get together, we celebrate, and we eat.   And there’s nothing wrong with that during those gatherings.  Using the holidays as an excuse to binge and eat unhealthy for

Fun with the Sandbag – New Friday “Fun”isher

So I got to playing with my sandbag at the end of my last workout and decided it was a good candidate for this week’s Friday Funisher installment.  I decided to pair a complex with a conditioning move and it ended up being a tough combo. For

Home Gym Essentials

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to a gym to workout since I stopped regularly training for triathlons a few years back.  I’ve built up a pretty decent home gym in the past year and I can get in a kick ass workout anytime I feel like

New Feature: The Reading Corner

I just added a new feature to the site that I’m calling the Reading Corner.  It’s a page where I’ll let you know what books I am reading or have recently finished and little of what I thought about them or learned from them. Link is found

Friday “Fun”isher + FULL workout

Got an extra bonus for you with this week’s Friday Finisher.  I’m sharing with you what I did for my entire workout yesterday. And it’s ALL bodyweight, so anyone can do this. It was intense, fun, and best of all, done in less than thirty minutes! I’ve

Some Thoughts on Willpower

So I’ve been thinking a little bit about willpower lately.  On two separate occasions in the last two weeks I’ve been told that I have impressive willpower.  On both occasions it was in reference to my ability to resist crappy food. Do you want to know the

Study Time!

It’s time to crack open a textbook (or two) and get to studying again. It’s a little hard to believe that it has been over ten years since I’ve been in school and had to study for anything.  Man, time sure does fly when you’re…………..coasting through life?

Inaugural Friday “Fun”isher

Have you ever heard of a workout finisher?  It’s usually a short intense circuit added on to the end of your workout to give you a metabolic boost to improve fat loss and conditioning.  I was first introduced to this concept when I came across several different

Welcome to Iron 2 Iron Fitness!

First and foremost thanks for stopping by my new blog! You’re probably wondering a couple of things: “what the heck is this site?” and “where the hell is all of the content?” Both valid questions. This is a site that is dedicated to all things fitness related,