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The Power of the Personal Record

The personal record is one of the most powerful tracking tools in our arsenal when it comes to measuring progress.  Are you utilizing it to its fullest potential?  When used properly it can set you up to stay on track to hit your goals and can provide

Friday “Fun”isher – Direct from Athletic Reboot

This week’s finisher is taken directly from my fr-ee 4 week program, Athletic Reboot, available by signing up to the newsletter ——–>>>>> It’s a bit of a leg burner. 4 rounds, for time of: A) Squat Thrusts x8, wall sit x30s B) Hand Release Pushups x8, wall

Athletic Reboot – A Preview

Athletic Reboot, my FR*EE 4 week workout program is almost ready.  I’ve been putting the final touches on it and testing the workouts. They’ve been a blast so far. Check out the short preview video below: Does that get you pumped up or what? To get first

Debunking Dietary Absolutes

Is there such a thing as a dietary absolute? I’ve been pondering this question since encountering yet another bit of dietary advice in a recent book that was presented to the reader as an absolute must.  I read it and chuckled a little to myself. Although the

Blended Ladder – A New Friday “Fun”isher

So the weekend is here and you want a solid way to wrap up your workout, what do you do? A little bit of everything apparently. For some reason I had an idea to incorporate several training implements into this week’s finisher.  So I gathered up a

Alpha Brain – A Review

That I’m writing a review for a supplement product is a little surprising. You see, I’ve had pretty poor track record when it comes to taking supplements and observing any noticeable effect over the long or short term.  In all likelihood that’s because an overwhelming majority of

Friday “Fun”isher – 4x4x4 Barbell Complex

This week’s finisher is quick, but not easy, barbell complex.  A complex is when you perform a series of movements one right after the other without setting the weight down.  I was a little strapped for time when I came up with this so four minutes of

Why You Should Eat a Salad Every Day

There are so many nutritional benefits from eating a salad prepared with good, quality ingredients that I believe it should be a daily staple in most people’s diets.  The salad has a bad rap of being a meager meal replacement for those who are “dieting” and restricting

First December Friday “Fun”isher

Well it’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new “Funisher”. I tacked this one onto the end of my workout earlier this week and it ended up being the perfect way to end things. I set this one up with strategic rest periods to allow