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Cleans and Sitouts: A Friday “Fun”isher

Here’s a simple kettlebell/bodyweight hybrid finisher to try out.  It’s just two moves, the kettelbell clean and the sitout, combined in a ladder set up. I used this one to wrap up a long of TGU and swing practice. Here’s what you do. Set a timer for

Harnessing the Power of Routine

The word “routine” seems to have a negative connotation surrounding it and I’m not really sure why.  I guess many people associate it with set of actions that they perform without thinking, actions that they don’t necessarily take pleasure in. A routine is boring. It lacks pizazz. 

RKC Training Log: Week 2

It was my second full week of training for the RKC.  To be honest I’m feeling a little beat up, particularly a little more soreness in the low back and my left shoulder.  I might have to work in a few extra rest days and mobility work

A Kettlebell Focused Friday “Fun”isher

Well this Finisher almost didn’t see the light of day. It sucked. I mean really sucked. My back tightened up like you wouldn’t believe and I was riding the fine line between injury and just a tough workout. My form broke down and I was sloppy. I

My Top Five Supplements

Another article on supplements??? Yeah, I know.  There are better topics I could be spending my time on than a list of my top 5 supplements.  The fact is I could never buy another supplement and I would be okay. That’s what the meaning of the name

RKC Training Log: Week 1

If you don’t know, I’m training for the RKC in April.  Each week I will be detailing the exact workouts that I am following to give you an idea of how I’m preparing and provide a roadmap for other looking to follow a similar training path. As

Bodyweight Only Friday “Fun”isher

This week’s Friday Funisher is a bit of an upper body burner.  Set up as a descending ladder, it’s a quick, but tough way to wrap up a workout. 4 rounds, for time – Reps go 16, 12, 8, 4 of: A) Bottom Half Burpee B) T-Rotation

Training for the RKC: Getting Back to My Roots

So I made a decision this week to train for the Russian Kettlebell Certification, which is a little scary given that I only have 13 weeks to prepare.  The certification is a 3 day, grueling event in which you not only learn how to instruct others in

Burpee Match Workout – A Friday “Fun”isher

An all bodyweight finisher is coming to you this week with this installment of the Friday “Fun”isher series.  I needed a bit of a break from the cold garage so I retreated inside to knock this one out.  It’s got an interesting, but fun rep scheme. You

Health and Movement: A Paradigm Shift

My thoughts and beliefs surrounding health are constantly changing. Things I thought to be true several years ago have shifted and no longer hold sway in my life. Back then I would have told you that I was a very healthy individual because I swam, biked, and

Snatches and Burpees – A Friday “Fun”isher

Today’s finisher contains two of my favorite movements: Kettlbell snatches and burpees (yes, I seriously just said burpees are one of my favorite exercises). I wasn’t sure that I was going to get this weekly installment out since I’ve been out of commission with a nasty head