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RKC Training Log: Week 9

I am now officially 2 weeks out from the certification and long overdue for a good week of training.  The mid-week workouts were a little shaky this week, but I finally strung together three straight days of quality workouts this weekend. I’ve been so cautious with training

Burpee and Swing Ladder – A Friday “Fun”isher

I love me a good ladder setup and the one used for today’s workout didn’t disappoint.  It also combined two of my favorite exercises, the burpee and the kettlebell swing, in a race against the clock. Here’s how this one is setup. Every minute perform: A) Burpees

Loaded Carry Variations: Building Full Body Strength

Loaded carries have got to be one of the best bang for your buck exercises that you can be adding to your workout arsenal to build full body strength. The benefits range far and wide, from improvements to hip and core stability, to the obvious strength building

RKC Training Log: Week 8

The weeks are flying by now.  I’m feeling a bit better than last week, although I woke up with a bit of a sore back so I took a precautionary rest day today. Other than that the workouts this week were solid. The biggest setback was tearing

Swing, Squat, and Hold – A Friday “Fun”isher

This week’s finisher was a fun way end a swing heavy workout.  Naturally it included even more swings, but I also included an isometric hold, which I haven’t done a lot of lately.  Here’s the setup: 4 rounds, rest 30s between rounds: A) One arm swing R

Does Your Diet Need a Cheat Day?

The cheat day is a convenient tool in many a dieter’s toolbox.  The psychological (and potentially physiological) benefits of cheating on the diet can offer a bit of reprieve in what can be an otherwise difficult process.  Is it necessary though? Or are cheat days just another

RKC Training Log: Week 7

Another light week this week from a training perspective.  My back hasn’t fully recovered so that’s meant taking a few extra rest days and holding back intensity a bit.  At 4 weeks out from the certification I’m not quite where I want to be, but there’s still

Why You Should Seek Out Adversity

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve encountered adversity.  You’ve endured a difficult situation that was a struggle to get through, but you came out the other end a better, stronger person because of the experience. There were hard lessons learned, and at the time

Down by Fours – A Friday “Fun”isher

The temperatures are finally rising this week.  That means I got to open up the garage gym, ditch the sweatpants and space heater, and enjoy the fresh air. This week’s finisher is a descending ladder, going down by four reps of each exercise.  It was a nice

RKC Training Log: Week 6

It felt good to be training for the RKC again this week.  I was essentially forced to take a three week hiatus to fix up a low back injury.  So while it sucked to take that much time off, it was needed in order to get me

Kettlebell/Bodyweight AMRAP – A Friday “Fun”isher

This week’s finisher was a fun blend of bodyweight and kettlebell work. I forgot how much I enjoy adding an explosive jump into the mix so that helped balance out the toughness of this one. I set this up as a 6:00 AMRAP, but as always feel

Should You Train Around an Injury?

Injuries suck. We all know that. Chances are if you’ve been physically active in any endeavor over the course of your lifetime you’ve experienced some sort of injury, whether minor or major.  For some, the response is simple. Rest and recover until you’re all healed up. For