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When More is Not Better

“Eat less, exercise more,” We’ve all heard the oversimplified motto of the health industry spouted off as a recipe for health and weight loss. Yet, for many that have attempted to follow this advice find that the results they experience don’t necessarily fall in line with what’s

Burpee Breakdown Finisher

This week’s finisher is a tough little session involving swings supersetted with several moves. You start with the burpee and then break it down into separate pushup and squat jump portions of the burpee (hence the extremely clever name of the workout 😉 ). Sound confusing? It’s

What Now? How to Proceed After You Reach Your Goals

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished one of your goals. Maybe it was a weight loss goal or a new PR in the gym. In all likelihood you’ve invested countless hours of hard work and a hefty amount of the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears to get where you are

Pull, Push, and Swing Workout

This week’s finisher was a fun one.  I wanted to see how much lighter my eighty pound kettlebell felt after learning proper technique at the RKC certification last weekend so I just had to do some swings. Add in a push and pull and this became a

Burpees, Rows, Pushups, and Swings – A Friday Funisher

I’ve got a new ladder style finisher for you this week. Since I’ll be busy busting my ass at the RKC certification I figured the least I could do is provide you with a workout to help you bust your ass in the gym too 😉 The

RKC Training Log: Week 10

The week wrapped up the final week of preparation leading up to the certification. I had a few hard workouts this week, but now the focus shifts to some skill work to practice and more rest to get ready for Friday. There’s not much I can do

Pullup Match Workout

This week’s installment of the Friday “Fun”isher utilizes a similar set up to the most popular finisher I’ve posted, the Burpee Match Workout. I used pullups this time instead of burpees to set the reps and then introduced some weighted exercises in the main set, along with

6 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

Let’s face it. We’re all pretty busy these days and it seems like life can always find a way to disrupt the best laid fitness goals if we’re not careful. Staying on track can be a difficult task with everything that comes our way, but I’m going