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Submax Superset “Fun”isher #3

The submax theme continues with this week’s brand new finisher. It’s now the third installment in the “Submax Superset” series and it continues the tradition of being a tough little challenge This week is a similar set up using a set number of reps for one movement,

Submax Superset “Fun”isher #2

I’ve got a new workout finisher for you this week. It’s the second in my “Submax Superset” series.  In case you missed the first one you can check it out here. This week is a similar set up using a set number of reps for one movement,

Fruits and Vegetables Are Not Nutritional Equals!

Unless you’ve been living on another planet you’ve likely heard the practical nutrition advice of “eat more fruits and vegetables.” Considering the average American diet, which is largely devoid of both food groups, this is a pretty sound general recommendation. In fact the government (in one of

Submax Superset Workout – A Friday “Fun”isher

I’ve got a real quick finisher today. This was a fun combination of kettlebell swings and pullups. The first in a series of finishers I will be posting using a set number of reps for one movement, supersetted with submaximal reps of another movement. In case you’re

Five Factors to Consider Before Scaling Back a Workout

These just may be the most difficult to pick up on. Are you really fatigued or are you just telling yourself that to give yourself an “out.” The physical and mental aspects of training can become so intertwined that distinguishing between the two is not an easy

Clean and Climb – A Friday “Fun”isher

This weeks finisher is a quick hitter.  I’m recovering from another tweak of the low back so I stuck with exercises that weren’t going to aggravate it. That said, you can tell I’m a little cautious in the video. Don’t be like me….get after it! Workout is