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Ballistic Kettlebell Complex

This week’s finisher is another kettlebell complex. I’ve been testing out a lot of different complexes lately so expect to see a lot of these in the coming weeks. This one in particular utilized several of the ballistic movements, making it an excellent finisher to improve conditioning.

Armor Inspired Complex – A Friday “Fun” isher

This finisher is inspired by the famous Dan John “armor builder” complex. Dan is one of the most well respected coaches in the business and the armor builder, a simple complex of cleans, presses, and squats with a double set of bells, represents his philosophy that complicated

The 10 Rep Mixer – A Friday “Fun”isher

So this week’s finisher has a little bit of something for everyone out there. I’m all about some variety when it comes to conditioning so I whipped up this 4 exercise circuit to use as a finisher. It starts with the kettlebell thruster, which a favorite compound

Seven Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Surely you’ve heard the advice to drink more water. The old adage is eight glasses a day, but often times those that repeat that recommendation simply say to do it because it is “good for you.” I won’t deny that water is good for you. Heck, your

Submax Superset “Fun”isher #4

Why stop now with the submax finisher theme? Here’s another one that is super challenging. It’s been awhile since I’ve tossed the sandbag around so while it kicked my butt, it was thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. This week is a similar set up using a

Eight Reasons to Train With Kettlebells

It’s no secret that I love kettlebell training. As much as I enjoy other tools like barbells, sandbags, and rings there is just something about the kettlebell that makes it a mainstay as my primary training modality.  It’s definitely the favorite child, and I’m not ashamed to