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Row, Clean and Press Ladder

I’ve got a heck of a grinder for you today. A tortuous little session that was as much mental as it was physical, just the way I like it 😉 A little long for a finisher, but once I got going there was no way I was

Swinging and Climbing “Fun”isher

Sometimes simple can be super effective and that is definitely the case with today’s finisher. Using just two exercises this turned into a tough little workout, even more so when my kettlbell became slick with sweat. My simple set up was a 10:00 AMRAP of A) Hand

Let’s Stop Trying to Make Our Muscles Sore

You probably remember the first time you started a workout program. You shocked the body with a series of movements that it was unaccustomed to and you were likely very sore for days afterward.  That soreness was an indication that you were stressing the body in ways

Drop Set Friday “Fun”isher

Normally I like to keep my finishers pretty simple. A couple of movements, maybe just a single weight to use, but this week I decided to mix things up a little bit. I kept the exercise selection simple enough using just cleans and push presses. The weight

Clean, Press, and Squat Ladder

Okay, here is a new simple, but tough kettlebell finisher that I used recently to put the icing on the cake of another great workout. I’ve been focusing lately on making some gains in my pressing strength so it’s only natural to include the clean and press

Swing, Clean, and Press Complex – A Friday “Fun”isher

Here is a new kettlebell complex that can be used as a finisher this week. I could have easily called this one the clean and press sandwich. I love the clean and press and today I put a set of C & P’s between two sets of

How to Improve Your Pull-Ups