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3×3 Bodyweight Only “Fun”isher

For the last week I’ve been focusing on bodyweight exercises to get myself back in the gym after tweaking my lower back. It’s a good way to ease back into exercise without tossing heavy iron around and putting my spine under load. That doesn’t mean the workouts

Core + Ladder “Fun”isher

Today’s finisher is a good one, I’m not gonna lie. It has a nice variety of movements with a push and a pull, some swings, and a little core work at the end of each set. It was a tough little blend that was a bit of

Single/Double Swing “Fun”isher

This week’s workout finisher is another unique one.  It utilizes both the two-handed single kettlebell swing and a double kettlebell swing. Throw some burpees on top of that and you’ve got a recipe for a killer finisher. Here’s exactly how I set it up: 8:00 AMRAP A)

When Not to Use a Workout Finisher

Workout finishers are all of the rage these days. They are usually a high intensity set added in at the end of the workout for either a metabolic effect to improve fat loss or to improve your overall conditioning. I am a huge fan of adding these

Swing and Burpee “Fun”isher

Today’s finisher is a short, but effective way to cap a good workout. It’s a simple setup, using just the burpee and kettlebell swing as exercises. Both are great for improving conditioning and put together it makes for one heck of a conditioning session. Here’s the exact