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Triple Thrusting “fun”isher

I cannot lie, this was a great finisher. Thrusters, which are brutal on their own, combined with squat thrusts proved a rough pairing. I used both a barbell and a kettlebell to give the finisher a little variety. Here is how this one played out: 6:00 AMRAP

Kettlebell Clean and Sitout Ladder “Fun”isher

Too often the kettlebell swing or snatch is the go-to movement when it comes to using a kettlebell for conditioning. Well, the clean can be pretty darn effective too, and this session is a good example of that. I paired the clean with one of my favorite

Lucky Sevens Bodyweight “Funisher

Here is another bodyweight only workout finisher. My back is feeling better and I’m hitting the iron again, but I still love using bodyweight exercises for conditioning. This was a fun setup centered around the number 7 for reps and rounds. Here’s exactly what I did: 7

Plyometric Bodyweight “Fun”isher

I’ve got some more bodyweight goodness for you this week. Although my back feels 100% right now, I’ve been cautious by sticking to only bodyweight workouts and they’ve been fantastic. This finisher was a great one I knocked out recently. It included some plyometric movements that really