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Pull, Push, Squat Ladder “Fun”isher

The week’s finisher got pulled from the archives. It combines three basic movements into a nice descending ladder setup.  It can be argued that a push, pull, and squat is really all you need in your workout arsenal. And you know me I like to keep things

Burpee Sandwich “Fun”isher + Bonus FULL Workout

It was my birthday yesterday so, in addition to your weekly finisher, I’m going to share with you what I did for my entire birthday workout. So first off, this week’s finisher is a quick mix of bodyweight moves. You start and end the round with a

Clean and Press, Row Ladder “Fun”isher

Alright, the holidays have come and gone so no excuse not to get a new workout finisher posted every week for you. Here is a simple descending ladder using a pair of kettlbells that you can tack on the end of your workout. The setup I used