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Is Calorie Counting Useful?

To count calories or not count calories, that is the question? There may be no more of an enduring debate in diet camps than this question alone. On one side you have those that prescribe to the “what gets measured, gets done” camp. That the only way

Deadlift & Push Press Superset “Fun”isher

It’s Friday, and that means another quick finisher is ready for. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a pretty solid week of training. Coming off a deload, I’m starting to hit a groove in the gym and had a fantastic sprint session in the snow

Why Health Requires Constant Vigilance

I hope if you are reading this blog you are in a state of pretty decent health. Or maybe you come here for tips to improve that state and are on a journey to get there. It might please you to know that I am on the

The Myth of Moderation

There may be no other phrase I dislike more than, “everything in moderation.” This usually gets bandied about right as the speaker is about to indulge in some sort of not-so-good -for-you food. I’ve got nothing against indulging from time to time, but when we utter that

Kettlebell Press, Row, Swing Ladder

I have been doing quite a bit of double kettlebell work lately. Using double bells instantly increases the intensity of any kettlebell skill you are working on and I’ve found that it is a great way to improve both strength and conditioning. That said, you shouldn’t jump

How to Properly Implement a Deload Week

If you are not taking the time to include a deload week into your training regimen then you are likely missing a key component. A well timed deload, or recovery week, can the allow your body to heal from those long hours you put in the gym.

Do You Need Fasted Cardio?

It seems everywhere you look these days there’s a new gimmick boasting faster fat loss. 7 day this, 6 minute that. The ONE thing you’re missing. Of course for people wanting to slim down these headlines and new fads are quite appealing. Some of these fads are

Clean and Jump “Fun”isher

It’s Friday, and that means a new workout finisher for you. I am right smack dab in the middle of a deload week so lot’s of rest, recovery, and bodyweight only workouts for me. Plus, I am learning Tai Chi and I have a feeling that movement

Press, Squat, Row “Fun”isher

Today’s workout finisher is a pretty simple one using a single kettlebell. I’ve always had the mindset that if I only had a single kettlebell I could continue to find ways to challenge myself and progress my strength and fitness. It’s just such a versatile piece of