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The Real Cost of Healthy Eating

Far and away one of the biggest barriers most people cite to eating healthy is price. The organic, non-gmo modified vegetables and fruits can be quite a bit more expensive than their regular counterparts (I hate having to label current farming practices as regular because prior to

Plyo Kettlebell Superset Ladder

Alright it’s time for another shot of weekend workout goodness. While I had a fantastic sprint session at the park today, I am leaving you with this little gem of a workout to try out. It’s loaded with several elements that I find appealing. 1 – It’s

The Most Important Part of Your Training Plan

Most training plans available these days share a lot in common. There are certain principles that serve as the building blocks of any quality programming. Things like progressive overload and periodization, specificity and recovery are all taken into account. While these are all great things to consider,

Snatch Match Workout “Fun”isher

Friday again? Funny how spending two days in a car will make the week fly by. I’m not a huge fan of travel. Being cramped up inside a car or plane for hours on end is not my idea of a good time. We’re meant to move!

No Motivation? How About Some Discipline Instead

One of the biggest complaints of people implementing a workout program to improve their heath is that they lack motivation. I hear this all the time. “I am not motivated to work out,” or, for those that personally know me, “I wish I could be as motivated

Sandbag and Lunge Jump Ladder “Fun”isher

Alright, it’s Friday again. Hopefully that means you’ve had a solid week of training and are gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Mine went well, although it involved restructuring my schedule a bit. A little lack of hand care maintenance will do that from time to time.

How to Use Science to Discover Your Unique Path to Health

Have you ever wondered why in the world there are hundreds, if not thousands, of diet and workout plans out there these days? They all pretty much promise the same thing: fat loss, improved fitness, and ultimately better health for you. Why do we need so many

Four Rules for Setting Up a Sprint Workout

There is really no argument these days that sprints are one of the best things you can be doing to get in shape and lose some of that unwanted body fat.  In addition to doing wonders for your metabolism, they can also be an efficient way to

3×3 Barbell Complex “Fun”isher

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s a rest day for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t deliver you a challenging workout finisher to cap off what was hopefully a great week of training. My week went pretty well, and I’m happy today is a recovery day because I

Are You Blind to Your Own Progress?

Are you measuring your progress? If you have set any goals for yourself then you absolutely should be. It’s really the only way to be truly sure you are making any progress and not just spinning your wheels uselessly. That said, despite having some concrete goals set