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Thruster and Burpee Countdown “Fun”isher

Yo! It’s Friday again and I’ve got a pretty darn good workout finisher for you today. Tomorrow I am running my first race in about two years. 4 miles with obstacles. I think I’m ready. Been running a few times a week and lifting plenty so hopefully

Swing, Push, Row Workout

Guess what happened to me this week? I got one of those pesky summer colds. It hit me early in the week and came and went pretty quickly so I was thankful for that. It forced me to take a few days off of training which was

20 to 10 Bodyweight Only “Fun”isher

It’s Friday again! But you know what, this sort of Friday only rolls around once every four years. That’s right, the Olympics start this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. I just love watching athletes compete. Doesn’t really matter what it is either. Swimming, track and