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Race to 50 Bodyweight Workout “Fun”isher

I have got to tell you, Fridays are rapidly becoming my favorite day to workout. I wish I could say it’s because I am usually testing out one of these weekly finishers, which I always look forward too, but I don’t work on Friday’s so I get

Triple Sevens KB/BW Hybrid “Fun”isher

I am just settling in for a little Friday night football watching. I am hoping week 2 of the college season stacks up to week 1, but the matchups this week aren’t instilling a lot of confidence that it will. You never know with college football though.

Lunge, Burpee, and Swing “Fun”isher

Have you ever had one of those workouts where everything seems heavy and difficult? Yeah, that was me earlier this week. No fun, right? Have you ever turned it around in just a few short days put together a great workout? It’s funny how that can happen.