300 Swing Workout

Just in case you didn’t get enough swings in during last week’s finisher I have another swing based workout for you today. Because, you know, you can never really get enough swings. If you managed to make it through the 250 last week, then 300 this week should be a piece of cake. That’s the beauty of progression. Just don’t think about the lunge jumps. Cause those always suck.

I got to see the wonders of progression this week in the gym. After some time off this was my second week back on the current program I am following. That first week was working out the kinks after the layoff and now the second week is building off the first. More weight, more reps, trying to beat week 1 “scores” on timed sets.  All good fun.

Now this week we are moving up to 300 swings, but the set up is a little different so it may be a little hard to compare. Like I said before if you handled the 250 you can handle the 300. We are throwing in some hand release pushups and lunge jumps to spice things up so overall this workout is going to be a little more challenging than the last one.  Here is the set up we are going to use:

15 rounds, For Time:

A) 2-Hand Kettlebell Swings x20
B) Hand Release Pushups x 15, 14, 13…1
C) Lunge Jumps x 1, 2, 3…15/leg

So the swings stay constant, down the ladder on pushups, and up the ladder on the lunge jumps. Here is a quick demo:

Give this one a shot. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.

Race to 250 Kettlebell Workout "Fun"isher

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