3×3 Bodyweight Only “Fun”isher

For the last week I’ve been focusing on bodyweight exercises to get myself back in the gym after tweaking my lower back. It’s a good way to ease back into exercise without tossing heavy iron around and putting my spine under load.

That doesn’t mean the workouts have been easy. A well designed bodyweight only workout can kick your butt just as much as traditional weights. Here’s a tough finisher that I used recently to cap off a workout.

3 rounds, for time:

A) Burpees x10
B) Toes to Bar x15
C) Mountain Climbers x20/leg

Here’s how it went for me:

It took me right around 7 minutes. Give it a shot and let me know your time!

Plyometric Bodyweight "Fun"isher
Core + Ladder "Fun"isher

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