A Kettlebell Focused Friday “Fun”isher

Well this Finisher almost didn’t see the light of day.

It sucked.

I mean really sucked.

My back tightened up like you wouldn’t believe and I was riding the fine line between injury and just a tough workout.

My form broke down and I was sloppy.

I wanted to bag it, shut off the camera, and film something else.

If anything, I’m pretty frickin stubborn though so I gutted it out.  I’m human like you. I struggle and want to quit. I fight with the pain and self doubt. My one redeeming quality is when I commit to something I am going to see it through. Almost to a fault sometimes.

Anyway, it was a seemingly simple set up of:

Every minute on the minute:

A) Double KB Squat Cleans w/ 53s x2

B) KB swings @ 70# for remainder of the minute.

Repeat until 100 reps of swings are complete

It got nasty and ugly. Not the best demo video for you, but try and enjoy nonetheless:

Kudos to you if you take this one on. Definitely drop a comment on how it goes if you do.

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