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300 Swing Workout

Just in case you didn’t get enough swings in during last week’s finisher I have another swing based workout for you today. Because, you know, you can never really get enough swings. If you managed to make it through the 250 last week, then 300 this week

Race to 250 Kettlebell Workout “Fun”isher

Hey there! It’s been a couple of weeks but I’ve finally got a new finisher for you to check out. I’ve had a few weekends of travel and posting just flat out slipped my mind. A no-no, I know, but I promise I will make it up

Race to 50 Bodyweight Workout “Fun”isher

I have got to tell you, Fridays are rapidly becoming my favorite day to workout. I wish I could say it’s because I am usually testing out one of these weekly finishers, which I always look forward too, but I don’t work on Friday’s so I get

Triple Sevens KB/BW Hybrid “Fun”isher

I am just settling in for a little Friday night football watching. I am hoping week 2 of the college season stacks up to week 1, but the matchups this week aren’t instilling a lot of confidence that it will. You never know with college football though.

Lunge, Burpee, and Swing “Fun”isher

Have you ever had one of those workouts where everything seems heavy and difficult? Yeah, that was me earlier this week. No fun, right? Have you ever turned it around in just a few short days put together a great workout? It’s funny how that can happen.

Thruster and Burpee Countdown “Fun”isher

Yo! It’s Friday again and I’ve got a pretty darn good workout finisher for you today. Tomorrow I am running my first race in about two years. 4 miles with obstacles. I think I’m ready. Been running a few times a week and lifting plenty so hopefully

Swing, Push, Row Workout

Guess what happened to me this week? I got one of those pesky summer colds. It hit me early in the week and came and went pretty quickly so I was thankful for that. It forced me to take a few days off of training which was

20 to 10 Bodyweight Only “Fun”isher

It’s Friday again! But you know what, this sort of Friday only rolls around once every four years. That’s right, the Olympics start this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. I just love watching athletes compete. Doesn’t really matter what it is either. Swimming, track and

The Fours Workout “Fun”isher

Yikes! I’ve been a bit MIA around here. Gonna have to make up for that absence with some quality workouts for you, starting right now. This particular workout is sort of a microcosm of what my current training is looking like. Strength/skill work with the barbell to

How to Rid Yourself of Four Common Excuses

Are you an excuse maker? We all are so don’t feel bad. We often make excuses, usually on a daily basis, as to why we don’t do certain things. For a few days (now weeks) I made excuses as to why this very article wasn’t getting written.

Squat and Lunge Combo “Fun”isher

I love, love, love the basics when it comes to strength and conditioning. Every once in awhile though, you need to find ways take those basics and put a unique spin on them. That’s were a workout finisher like today’s comes in. It doesn’t get much more

Clean and Press + Mountain Climber “Fun”isher

Well, would you look at that. I actually got the Friday workout of the week posted on a Friday. You’d think the heat wave would’ve addled my brain and turned it to mush, but I remembered this week. So yeah, the heat. Been some real sweat fests

Snatch, Press, Lunge Complex “Fun”isher

I deadlifted today….with a barbell! And it was wonderful. You see, 8 months ago I had to put my barbell into storage when I moved. I never joined a gym and I’ve been exclusively training with kettlebells since then so it’s been a long, long time since

Reap the Benefits of a Taking a Cold Shower

For the past two months I have been able to (re)institute one of my favorite tests of willpower and suffering: the cold shower. I am a huge fan of doing things that push the limits of my comfort zone, and the cold shower will do just that.

Single Arm, Single Leg Burpee “Fun”isher

Ahhh….the burpee. There might not be a more universally abhorred exercise. Fortunately I am not one of the many who dislike the burpee. I actually like it quite a bit, and not just because of how many different muscle groups it works or what it can do