Burpee and Swing Ladder – A Friday “Fun”isher

I love me a good ladder setup and the one used for today’s workout didn’t disappoint.  It also combined two of my favorite exercises, the burpee and the kettlebell swing, in a race against the clock. Here’s how this one is setup.

Every minute perform:
A) Burpees x3, 4, 5…
B) KB swings x6, 8, 10…

Set a timer to go off every minute and work through the burpees and swings. You get to rest for the remainder of the minute, but the next round you have to add one burpee and 2 swings. You’ll keep adding reps until you can’t finish a round. See how high up the ladder you can go.

Here’s how I fared (Disregard the gloves, I’m nursing torn calluses back to health):

Try it out and let me know how you do!

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