Burpee Sandwich “Fun”isher + Bonus FULL Workout

It was my birthday yesterday so, in addition to your weekly finisher, I’m going to share with you what I did for my entire birthday workout.

So first off, this week’s finisher is a quick mix of bodyweight moves. You start and end the round with a set of 5 burpees, and toss in some pushups, recline rows and box jumps for good measure. Here’s the set up:

For Time:

For Time:
A) Burpees x5
B) pushups x10
C) Recline Rows x15
D) Box Jumps x10
E) Burpee x5

This should be fairly quick so feel free to add an extra round or two for an extra challenge. Check out this video to see how I fared for one round:

Give it a shot and let me know how you do!

And if you’re up for a more advanced, ass kicker of a workout definitely give my birthday workout a shot. Every year I devise a fiendishly difficult workout to test myself. I may be getting older but that doesn’t mean i have to get soft and weak.

My birthday workouts are always devised around my age (this year, 35), incorporating that number into the set/rep scheme in some way. In addition, I also used my 53 pound kettlebells for most of the weighted moves because 53 is 35 backwards. Here’s exactly how my birthday workout went down:

For Time (37:07, short of my 35 minute goal):
A) Burpees x35
B) Manmakers x 3 (1 is a squat thrust, pushup on KBs, renegade row each arm, jump up, squat clean and press)
C) KB Clean and Press x35
D) Offset KB deadlift (80# R / 70# L) x 5 ea side
E) Pullups x35
F) Manmakers x3
G) KB Clean x 35
H) Offset KB deadlift x5 ea side
I) Feet Elevated Recline Rows x35
J) Manmakers x3
K) KB Swing x35
L) Offset KB deadlift x5 ea side
M) Burpees x35

Definitely not easy. I had to break the 35 rep sets into manageable pieces and rest as needed. One of those workouts where you just have to keep attacking it.


Pull, Push, Squat Ladder "Fun"isher
Clean and Press, Row Ladder "Fun"isher

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