Burpees, Rows, Pushups, and Swings – A Friday Funisher

I’ve got a new ladder style finisher for you this week. Since I’ll be busy busting my ass at the RKC certification I figured the least I could do is provide you with a workout to help you bust your ass in the gym too 😉

The set up is simple: 5 rounds doing a descending # of reps of each exercise.

For time, do 10,8,6,4,2 reps of each, only resting as needed

3A) Burpee + Box Jump @ 24″
3B) Recline Rows
3C) Wide grip to narrow grip plyo pushups
3D) KB american swings @62

Here’s how things panned out for me:

Be sure to drop a comment if you hit this up!

Pull, Push, and Swing Workout
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