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How to Rid Yourself of Four Common Excuses

Are you an excuse maker? We all are so don’t feel bad. We often make excuses, usually on a daily basis, as to why we don’t do certain things. For a few days (now weeks) I made excuses as to why this very article wasn’t getting written.

It’s Okay to Take Your Eye Off the Prize

Goal setting is perhaps one of the greatest things you can do if you want to improve your health. I often extol the benefits of setting fitness goals as a worthwhile means to an end. You need to know where you are going in order to plot

How to Reframe Dietary Rules for Greater Success

Most people associate diets with restriction. Whether that be by limiting the amount you can eat or providing a laundry list of foods that you are not allowed to consume. We have all heard someone on a diet say at some point, “Oh, I can’t have that,”

Delayed Gratification: The Key to Attaining Your Goals

Contrary to the late night infomercials you are not going to find your six pack in a matter of minutes. Neither are you going to completely transform you body in seven days. Sure you can make a ton of noticeable progress quickly, but after that time period

No Motivation? How About Some Discipline Instead

One of the biggest complaints of people implementing a workout program to improve their heath is that they lack motivation. I hear this all the time. “I am not motivated to work out,” or, for those that personally know me, “I wish I could be as motivated

Are You Blind to Your Own Progress?

Are you measuring your progress? If you have set any goals for yourself then you absolutely should be. It’s really the only way to be truly sure you are making any progress and not just spinning your wheels uselessly. That said, despite having some concrete goals set

Five Factors to Consider Before Scaling Back a Workout

These just may be the most difficult to pick up on. Are you really fatigued or are you just telling yourself that to give yourself an “out.” The physical and mental aspects of training can become so intertwined that distinguishing between the two is not an easy

When More is Not Better

“Eat less, exercise more,” We’ve all heard the oversimplified motto of the health industry spouted off as a recipe for health and weight loss. Yet, for many that have attempted to follow this advice find that the results they experience don’t necessarily fall in line with what’s

What Now? How to Proceed After You Reach Your Goals

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished one of your goals. Maybe it was a weight loss goal or a new PR in the gym. In all likelihood you’ve invested countless hours of hard work and a hefty amount of the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears to get where you are

6 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

Let’s face it. We’re all pretty busy these days and it seems like life can always find a way to disrupt the best laid fitness goals if we’re not careful. Staying on track can be a difficult task with everything that comes our way, but I’m going

Why You Should Seek Out Adversity

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve encountered adversity.  You’ve endured a difficult situation that was a struggle to get through, but you came out the other end a better, stronger person because of the experience. There were hard lessons learned, and at the time

Should You Train Around an Injury?

Injuries suck. We all know that. Chances are if you’ve been physically active in any endeavor over the course of your lifetime you’ve experienced some sort of injury, whether minor or major.  For some, the response is simple. Rest and recover until you’re all healed up. For

The Perception of Progress

Chances are if you are regularly exercising you are doing so to improve some area of your physical health.  Maybe you just enjoy it, I know I do, but even if pure enjoyment gets you to the gym every day you likely still have goals similar to

Harnessing the Power of Routine

The word “routine” seems to have a negative connotation surrounding it and I’m not really sure why.  I guess many people associate it with set of actions that they perform without thinking, actions that they don’t necessarily take pleasure in. A routine is boring. It lacks pizazz. 

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

    So the holidays are upon us and that usually means two things: family and food.  We get together, we celebrate, and we eat.   And there’s nothing wrong with that during those gatherings.  Using the holidays as an excuse to binge and eat unhealthy for