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How to Decipher a Food Label

It is amazing how confusing dieting has become for the average person these days. Scan the news headlines touting the “newest” studies for just a few hours or watch Dr. Oz for a few weeks and you’re likely to find enough conflicting directions to make your head

The Real Cost of Healthy Eating

Far and away one of the biggest barriers most people cite to eating healthy is price. The organic, non-gmo modified vegetables and fruits can be quite a bit more expensive than their regular counterparts (I hate having to label current farming practices as regular because prior to

Is Calorie Counting Useful?

To count calories or not count calories, that is the question? There may be no more of an enduring debate in diet camps than this question alone. On one side you have those that prescribe to the “what gets measured, gets done” camp. That the only way

The Dangers of Artificial Sweetener Use

Why Intermittent Fast?

I hate diets. I’ve tried far too many of them over the years, with varying levels of success. So when I first heard of Intermittent Fasting (referred to as IF from here on out) I was intrigued, mainly because it focused on when you eat as opposed

A Guide on Dietary Fat

Seven Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Surely you’ve heard the advice to drink more water. The old adage is eight glasses a day, but often times those that repeat that recommendation simply say to do it because it is “good for you.” I won’t deny that water is good for you. Heck, your

Fruits and Vegetables Are Not Nutritional Equals!

Unless you’ve been living on another planet you’ve likely heard the practical nutrition advice of “eat more fruits and vegetables.” Considering the average American diet, which is largely devoid of both food groups, this is a pretty sound general recommendation. In fact the government (in one of

Does Your Diet Need a Cheat Day?

The cheat day is a convenient tool in many a dieter’s toolbox.  The psychological (and potentially physiological) benefits of cheating on the diet can offer a bit of reprieve in what can be an otherwise difficult process.  Is it necessary though? Or are cheat days just another

Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Kitchen

The path to good health starts in your kitchen, and without setting yourself up properly you could be sabotaging your best intentions toward a healthier you before you even get started. I am going to share with you my four biggest tips to stocking your kitchen in

My Top Five Supplements

Another article on supplements??? Yeah, I know.  There are better topics I could be spending my time on than a list of my top 5 supplements.  The fact is I could never buy another supplement and I would be okay. That’s what the meaning of the name

Why You Should Eat a Salad Every Day

There are so many nutritional benefits from eating a salad prepared with good, quality ingredients that I believe it should be a daily staple in most people’s diets.  The salad has a bad rap of being a meager meal replacement for those who are “dieting” and restricting