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RKC Training Log: Week 10

The week wrapped up the final week of preparation leading up to the certification. I had a few hard workouts this week, but now the focus shifts to some skill work to practice and more rest to get ready for Friday. There’s not much I can do

RKC Training Log: Week 9

I am now officially 2 weeks out from the certification and long overdue for a good week of training.  The mid-week workouts were a little shaky this week, but I finally strung together three straight days of quality workouts this weekend. I’ve been so cautious with training

RKC Training Log: Week 8

The weeks are flying by now.  I’m feeling a bit better than last week, although I woke up with a bit of a sore back so I took a precautionary rest day today. Other than that the workouts this week were solid. The biggest setback was tearing

RKC Training Log: Week 7

Another light week this week from a training perspective.  My back hasn’t fully recovered so that’s meant taking a few extra rest days and holding back intensity a bit.  At 4 weeks out from the certification I’m not quite where I want to be, but there’s still

RKC Training Log: Week 6

It felt good to be training for the RKC again this week.  I was essentially forced to take a three week hiatus to fix up a low back injury.  So while it sucked to take that much time off, it was needed in order to get me

RKC Training Log: Week 5

Week 5 of RKC training is officially in the books.  It was a decent week.  I didn’t get in as much skill work as the past few weeks, but I was happy with some more improvement in the snatch department. I embarked on a new training program

RKC Training Log: Week 4

Wow, so I’ve been training for four weeks already.  Time flies! This was a so-so week.  I had a coupe of good sessions, and a couple of subpar days, including a disappointing variation of the snatch test on Friday.  I can’t dwell on that though and got

RKC Training Log: Week 3

My third week of training for the RKC wrapped up today, and it’s probably been my best week so far.  It was a deload week so I wasn’t doing any heavy barbell training and that allowed me to focus on the kettlebells almost exclusively. Because of a

RKC Training Log: Week 2

It was my second full week of training for the RKC.  To be honest I’m feeling a little beat up, particularly a little more soreness in the low back and my left shoulder.  I might have to work in a few extra rest days and mobility work

RKC Training Log: Week 1

If you don’t know, I’m training for the RKC in April.  Each week I will be detailing the exact workouts that I am following to give you an idea of how I’m preparing and provide a roadmap for other looking to follow a similar training path. As

Training for the RKC: Getting Back to My Roots

So I made a decision this week to train for the Russian Kettlebell Certification, which is a little scary given that I only have 13 weeks to prepare.  The certification is a 3 day, grueling event in which you not only learn how to instruct others in