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The Most Important Part of Your Training Plan

Most training plans available these days share a lot in common. There are certain principles that serve as the building blocks of any quality programming. Things like progressive overload and periodization, specificity and recovery are all taken into account. While these are all great things to consider,

Four Rules for Setting Up a Sprint Workout

There is really no argument these days that sprints are one of the best things you can be doing to get in shape and lose some of that unwanted body fat.  In addition to doing wonders for your metabolism, they can also be an efficient way to

How to Properly Implement a Deload Week

If you are not taking the time to include a deload week into your training regimen then you are likely missing a key component. A well timed deload, or recovery week, can the allow your body to heal from those long hours you put in the gym.

Do You Need Fasted Cardio?

It seems everywhere you look these days there’s a new gimmick boasting faster fat loss. 7 day this, 6 minute that. The ONE thing you’re missing. Of course for people wanting to slim down these headlines and new fads are quite appealing. Some of these fads are

When Not to Use a Workout Finisher

Workout finishers are all of the rage these days. They are usually a high intensity set added in at the end of the workout for either a metabolic effect to improve fat loss or to improve your overall conditioning. I am a huge fan of adding these

Let’s Stop Trying to Make Our Muscles Sore

You probably remember the first time you started a workout program. You shocked the body with a series of movements that it was unaccustomed to and you were likely very sore for days afterward.  That soreness was an indication that you were stressing the body in ways

How to Improve Your Pull-Ups


Eight Reasons to Train With Kettlebells

It’s no secret that I love kettlebell training. As much as I enjoy other tools like barbells, sandbags, and rings there is just something about the kettlebell that makes it a mainstay as my primary training modality.  It’s definitely the favorite child, and I’m not ashamed to

Five Factors to Consider Before Scaling Back a Workout

These just may be the most difficult to pick up on. Are you really fatigued or are you just telling yourself that to give yourself an “out.” The physical and mental aspects of training can become so intertwined that distinguishing between the two is not an easy

When More is Not Better

“Eat less, exercise more,” We’ve all heard the oversimplified motto of the health industry spouted off as a recipe for health and weight loss. Yet, for many that have attempted to follow this advice find that the results they experience don’t necessarily fall in line with what’s

Loaded Carry Variations: Building Full Body Strength

Loaded carries have got to be one of the best bang for your buck exercises that you can be adding to your workout arsenal to build full body strength. The benefits range far and wide, from improvements to hip and core stability, to the obvious strength building