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Why Health Requires Constant Vigilance

I hope if you are reading this blog you are in a state of pretty decent health. Or maybe you come here for tips to improve that state and are on a journey to get there. It might please you to know that I am on the

The Myth of Moderation

There may be no other phrase I dislike more than, “everything in moderation.” This usually gets bandied about right as the speaker is about to indulge in some sort of not-so-good -for-you food. I’ve got nothing against indulging from time to time, but when we utter that

The Complications of the Minimum Effective Dose Principle

An interesting concept has crept into the fitness industry in recent years that seems to go against the traditional “Eat less, move more” dogma we’ve been ingrained with. That is the concept of the minimum effective dose (MED), which was popularized in Timothy Ferriss’ bestseller, The Four

Five Reasons to Walk Everyday

Swing, Clean, and Press Complex – A Friday “Fun”isher

Here is a new kettlebell complex that can be used as a finisher this week. I could have easily called this one the clean and press sandwich. I love the clean and press and today I put a set of C & P’s between two sets of

Workout Intensity or Consistency: Which is Better?

High intensity workouts are all the rage these days.  Everywhere you turn there’s a new workout system touting its astounding calorie burning and fat torching results. There’s no doubt that many of these systems can deliver those results, but to the uninitiated or someone looking to start

The Power of the Personal Record

The personal record is one of the most powerful tracking tools in our arsenal when it comes to measuring progress.  Are you utilizing it to its fullest potential?  When used properly it can set you up to stay on track to hit your goals and can provide

Debunking Dietary Absolutes

Is there such a thing as a dietary absolute? I’ve been pondering this question since encountering yet another bit of dietary advice in a recent book that was presented to the reader as an absolute must.  I read it and chuckled a little to myself. Although the

Alpha Brain – A Review

That I’m writing a review for a supplement product is a little surprising. You see, I’ve had pretty poor track record when it comes to taking supplements and observing any noticeable effect over the long or short term.  In all likelihood that’s because an overwhelming majority of

2 FULL Holiday Workouts

As promised, I’ve got two new FULL workouts for you today.  Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and I mostly stuck to bullet points outlined in the survival guide I posted last week (there was an extra unplanned meal of pizza that I couldn’t resist). Part of

Home Gym Essentials

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to a gym to workout since I stopped regularly training for triathlons a few years back.  I’ve built up a pretty decent home gym in the past year and I can get in a kick ass workout anytime I feel like

New Feature: The Reading Corner

I just added a new feature to the site that I’m calling the Reading Corner.  It’s a page where I’ll let you know what books I am reading or have recently finished and little of what I thought about them or learned from them. Link is found

Study Time!

It’s time to crack open a textbook (or two) and get to studying again. It’s a little hard to believe that it has been over ten years since I’ve been in school and had to study for anything.  Man, time sure does fly when you’re……..um……..coasting through life?

Welcome to Iron 2 Iron Fitness!

First and foremost thanks for stopping by my new blog! You’re probably wondering a couple of things: “what the heck is this site?” and “where the hell is all of the content?” Both valid questions. This is a site that is dedicated to all things fitness related,