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Burpee Breakdown Finisher

This week’s finisher is a tough little session involving swings supersetted with several moves. You start with the burpee and then break it down into separate pushup and squat jump portions of the burpee (hence the extremely clever name of the workout 😉 ). Sound confusing? It’s

Burpee and Swing Ladder – A Friday “Fun”isher

I love me a good ladder setup and the one used for today’s workout didn’t disappoint.  It also combined two of my favorite exercises, the burpee and the kettlebell swing, in a race against the clock. Here’s how this one is setup. Every minute perform: A) Burpees

Loaded Carry Variations: Building Full Body Strength

Loaded carries have got to be one of the best bang for your buck exercises that you can be adding to your workout arsenal to build full body strength. The benefits range far and wide, from improvements to hip and core stability, to the obvious strength building

Down by Fours – A Friday “Fun”isher

The temperatures are finally rising this week.  That means I got to open up the garage gym, ditch the sweatpants and space heater, and enjoy the fresh air. This week’s finisher is a descending ladder, going down by four reps of each exercise.  It was a nice

Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Kitchen

The path to good health starts in your kitchen, and without setting yourself up properly you could be sabotaging your best intentions toward a healthier you before you even get started. I am going to share with you my four biggest tips to stocking your kitchen in

The Kettlebell Swing: A Foundational Exercise

Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose fat, or become a better conditioned athlete, the kettlebell swing is an excellent exercise to build your foundation upon.  This deceptively complex movement can be somewhat difficult to master, but once you do, and you start incorporating it into your

Health and Movement: A Paradigm Shift

My thoughts and beliefs surrounding health are constantly changing. Things I thought to be true several years ago have shifted and no longer hold sway in my life. Back then I would have told you that I was a very healthy individual because I swam, biked, and

Athletic Reboot – A Preview

Athletic Reboot, my FR*EE 4 week workout program is almost ready.  I’ve been putting the final touches on it and testing the workouts. They’ve been a blast so far. Check out the short preview video below: Does that get you pumped up or what? To get first

Why You Should Eat a Salad Every Day

There are so many nutritional benefits from eating a salad prepared with good, quality ingredients that I believe it should be a daily staple in most people’s diets.  The salad has a bad rap of being a meager meal replacement for those who are “dieting” and restricting

Home Gym Essentials

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to a gym to workout since I stopped regularly training for triathlons a few years back.  I’ve built up a pretty decent home gym in the past year and I can get in a kick ass workout anytime I feel like