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The 10 Rep Mixer – A Friday “Fun”isher

So this week’s finisher has a little bit of something for everyone out there. I’m all about some variety when it comes to conditioning so I whipped up this 4 exercise circuit to use as a finisher. It starts with the kettlebell thruster, which a favorite compound

Submax Superset “Fun”isher #4

Why stop now with the submax finisher theme? Here’s another one that is super challenging. It’s been awhile since I’ve tossed the sandbag around so while it kicked my butt, it was thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. This week is a similar set up using a

Submax Superset “Fun”isher #3

The submax theme continues with this week’s brand new finisher. It’s now the third installment in the “Submax Superset” series and it continues the tradition of being a tough little challenge This week is a similar set up using a set number of reps for one movement,

Submax Superset “Fun”isher #2

I’ve got a new workout finisher for you this week. It’s the second in my “Submax Superset” series.  In case you missed the first one you can check it out here. This week is a similar set up using a set number of reps for one movement,

Submax Superset Workout – A Friday “Fun”isher

I’ve got a real quick finisher today. This was a fun combination of kettlebell swings and pullups. The first in a series of finishers I will be posting using a set number of reps for one movement, supersetted with submaximal reps of another movement. In case you’re

Clean and Climb – A Friday “Fun”isher

This weeks finisher is a quick hitter.  I’m recovering from another tweak of the low back so I stuck with exercises that weren’t going to aggravate it. That said, you can tell I’m a little cautious in the video. Don’t be like me….get after it! Workout is

Pull, Push, and Swing Workout

This week’s finisher was a fun one.  I wanted to see how much lighter my eighty pound kettlebell felt after learning proper technique at the RKC certification last weekend so I just had to do some swings. Add in a push and pull and this became a

Burpees, Rows, Pushups, and Swings – A Friday Funisher

I’ve got a new ladder style finisher for you this week. Since I’ll be busy busting my ass at the RKC certification I figured the least I could do is provide you with a workout to help you bust your ass in the gym too 😉 The

Pullup Match Workout

This week’s installment of the Friday “Fun”isher utilizes a similar set up to the most popular finisher I’ve posted, the Burpee Match Workout. I used pullups this time instead of burpees to set the reps and then introduced some weighted exercises in the main set, along with

Swing, Squat, and Hold – A Friday “Fun”isher

This week’s finisher was a fun way end a swing heavy workout.  Naturally it included even more swings, but I also included an isometric hold, which I haven’t done a lot of lately.  Here’s the setup: 4 rounds, rest 30s between rounds: A) One arm swing R

Kettlebell/Bodyweight AMRAP – A Friday “Fun”isher

This week’s finisher was a fun blend of bodyweight and kettlebell work. I forgot how much I enjoy adding an explosive jump into the mix so that helped balance out the toughness of this one. I set this up as a 6:00 AMRAP, but as always feel

Final February Friday “Fun”isher

I finally got myself back in the gym after having to take some time off to heal up a back issue. I got to tell you, it was nice to get in there and crank this one out.  I was going stir crazy not lifting.  Still a

Plyo/Core Friday “Fun”isher

New finisher of the week coming at you that pairs a couple of core exercises with some plyometric moves.  As always if you need to scale the plyo back to the normal versions that’s okay.  Only do what you feel comfortable with!  Here’s the setup: For time,

Clean, Squat, and Press Ladder – A Friday “Fun”isher

This should come as no surprise, but this week’s finisher involves a kettlebell.  I paired an ascending ladder of cleans, squats, and presses with one of my least favorite conditioning moves: the lunge jump. All of this came at the end of a workout that consisted of

Burpees and a Kettlebell – A Friday “Fun”isher

Here’s a new “fun”isher that you can do with just your bodyweight and a single kettlebell.  I’ve been on a kick lately where I’m combining just two movements for my final conditioning set.  It keeps things simple so I don’t have to think real hard about what