Clean and Press + Mountain Climber “Fun”isher

Well, would you look at that. I actually got the Friday workout of the week posted on a Friday. You’d think the heat wave would’ve addled my brain and turned it to mush, but I remembered this week. So yeah, the heat. Been some real sweat fests this week in the garage and the back yard. The other day I was doing bottom position goblet squat holds and could not keep a grip on the kettlebell with my sweaty hands. It’s made for some interesting workouts for sure, and brings safety to the forefront, especially when it comes to sweaty ballistic high rep sets.

Anyway, here’s a workout that can withstand the buckets of sweat you’ll be generating while doing it. It involves a kettlebell mainstay, the clean and press, and a fun twist on a popular conditioning move, the mountain climber. Every minute you’ll will be doing some clean and presses and then mountain climbers with your hands on a kettlebell for the remainder of the minute. Using the kettlebell for the mountain climbers adds a little extra work for your core to keep your body stable for the movement. Here’s the exact set up:

6 rounds, EMOM
A) SA KB Clean and Press x5
B) Mt. Climbers on KB x remainder of minute

Alternate arms for the clean and press each round.

Annnnd a video of a couple of rounds:

Have fun with this one. As always let me know how it goes!

Squat and Lunge Combo "Fun"isher
Snatch, Press, Lunge Complex "Fun"isher

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