Deadlift & Push Press Superset “Fun”isher

It’s Friday, and that means another quick finisher is ready for. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a pretty solid week of training. Coming off a deload, I’m starting to hit a groove in the gym and had a fantastic sprint session in the snow yesterday. There’s just something about running sprints in a snow shower that make you feel like a badass

Speaking of feeling like a badass, today’s finisher will make you feel just that. It combines moderately heavy deadlifts with moderately heavy push presses and is a breathe of fresh air from the typical metcon style setups I use. Sometimes grinding out heavy reps at the end of the workout can be beneficial too, as long as you retain could.

For the deadlifts, go with 70% of your 1 rep max. For the push presses I suggest using a weight that you could probably get 10-12 of. That should keep things sufficiently heavy for you. Here’s the simple set up:

6:00 AMRAP

1A) BB DL @70% 1RM x2
1B) Dbl KB Push Press x4

And here is the video demo (Sorry for the shoddy video quality):

Drop a comment and let me know what weight you use and many sets you get through!

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