Friday “Fun”isher – 4x4x4 Barbell Complex

This week’s finisher is quick, but not easy, barbell complex.  A complex is when you perform a series of movements one right after the other without setting the weight down.  I was a little strapped for time when I came up with this so four minutes of hard would have to hit the stop.  I stuck with the theme of four and picked four different movements for four reps a piece, hence the name 4x4x4.

Here’s the official setup:

4:00 AMRAP of the following BB complex:

A) Deadlifts x4

B) Hang Clean x4

C) Front Squats x4

D) Pushups on BB x4

Here’s what it looked like for me:

I only managed 4 full rounds @ 115 pounds.  Scale the weight according to your ability and let me know how it goes!

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