Full Swing and Get Up Workout

April was the month of the swing for me. Part of a six week back to basics approach I took. I need to check my logs to see just how many swings I did, but all I know it was a lot as I was swinging six days a week. Feels weird to go a day without swinging a kettlebell now.

Today I am sharing one of my crazy full workouts I did during that six week stint. This one includes a boatload of swings. The best part is you can scale it to suit your needs. If you want to use it as a finisher simply do just a couple of rounds. If you want a challenge do the whole thing. Line up some kettlebells and try this out:

9 rounds
A) 2H swings @80 x8
B) 2H swings @70 x8
C) 2H swings @62 x12
D) 2H swings @53 x12
E) TGU R/L @53 x1

For those of you wondering about the math that 40 swings x 9 rounds = 360 swings total. Like I said, a boatload. The get ups do offer a nice break so keep them light to act as a bit of active recovery. Here’s what one round looked like:

Try it out, it’s a fun one!

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