Fun with the Sandbag – New Friday “Fun”isher

So I got to playing with my sandbag at the end of my last workout and decided it was a good candidate for this week’s Friday Funisher installment.  I decided to pair a complex with a conditioning move and it ended up being a tough combo.

For those of you wondering what a complex is, it is basically a series of movements done back to back to back with a weighted implement of choice (in my case the sandbag) without setting that implement down.

Here’s what the finisher consisted of:

5 rounds, for time of:

A) Sandbag Complex: Power Clean x1, Push Press x2, Zercher Squat x3

B) Sit Outs x 10/side

No sandbag? This could also be down with double kettlebells, dumbells, or a barbell.  Bodyweight substitution could be something as simple as pullup, pushup, squat, except maybe double the rep scheme for little more of a challenge.

I knocked it out in 4:24. Check out the video below and if you hit this up I wanna hear how you did!

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