Inaugural Friday “Fun”isher

Have you ever heard of a workout finisher?  It’s usually a short intense circuit added on to the end of your workout to give you a metabolic boost to improve fat loss and conditioning.  I was first introduced to this concept when I came across several different products from an online trainer, Mike Whitfield.  You can find a bunch of his excellent products at

Unless I’m really strapped for time I am usually adding in some sort of a finisher at the end of my workouts.  I like to refer to them as “fun”ishers because there is nothing more enjoyable than kicking your own ass and testing your mettle at the end of the day. Don’t get confused; it’s not fun because it’s easy. It’s fun because you pushed. You gave it your all and in the end you persevered. You should feel good about that.

Check out this video:

The finisher was 4 rounds, for time of:

A) Handstand Pushups x5

B) KB Snatch x10 (5/side)

C) Burpees x15

I finished this 9:17.  Things got rough after that first round! I probably should have programmed in lunge jumps or box jumps instead of the burpees because my shoulders were shot by the end.

Can’t do HSPUs? Sub in pike presses or pushups. No Kettlebell? Use a dumbell (motion is a bit different). Not comfortable with the snatch? Try a sumo deadlift high pull or just a dead lift.

If you hit this up let me know how it goes! In the meantime I’ve got to figure out how to improve the lighting in my garage to improve the video quality

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