Kettlebell and Pullup “Fun”isher

So I’m a day late with the Friday workout again. Still getting used to the new schedule. Working and working out…seems about all I do these days. It’s Saturday and I was still up at 5:30 for a workout before spending some quality time with family today.  When it’s important to you, you find make time to work it in. Not enough time is not a good excuse.

One thing that helps for the time strapped individual is a quick workout. All of the finishers on this site can be used in that capacity. Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, add or subtract a little work so it fits your schedule. For me that was twenty minutes of work this morning. Five minutes of get up practice and fifteen minutes of hand to hand swings and goblet squats.

Today’s finisher is another example of something you can probably get done in less than ten. Add a few rounds if you want to go longer. Here’s the simple set up:

3 rounds/arm
4A) KB snatch x4
4B) KB Push press x4
4C) Pullup x2

Aaaand video of one round:

Give it a crack and let me know how it goes!

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