Kettlebell Thruster and Burpee “Fun”isher

The crossfit open wrapped up a few weeks ago and while I don’t “Do” crossfit specifically, I dabble with some of their workouts from time to time. I need to work on my mobility and someday I will work with coach to refine on my olympic lifts before diving in fully, but for now I pull and tweak certain workouts to fit my needs.

So I follow the open, which is a series of qualifying workouts for everyone that participates in crossfit, and will occasionally test myself with these workouts. This week’s finisher is inspired by workout 16.5, which was a nasty set up of barbell thrusters and burpees over the barbell. I decided to use kettlebells instead and reduced the number of sets and reps so this worked better as a finisher. Here is the actual workout:

For time:
A) Double KB Thruster x 21, 9, 3
B) Burpee over KB x 21, 9, 3

It took me a shade over 8 minutes and it was definitely less “fun” than it looked on paper. I shot a video of it and you get the first glimpse of my new workout area. I just have a bunch of kettlebells for now, but that’s really all I’ve been using lately. Plus you will see I have a spectator. He keeps his distance and I haven’t smacked him with a kettlebell…..yet. Here’s that video:

If you didn’t give 16.5 a shot, try this (slightly less painful )version instead!

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