Lunge, Burpee, and Swing “Fun”isher

Have you ever had one of those workouts where everything seems heavy and difficult? Yeah, that was me earlier this week. No fun, right? Have you ever turned it around in just a few short days put together a great workout? It’s funny how that can happen.

Most days are just okay, with the occasional great workout and the occasional craptastic one. I managed to hit both ends of the spectrum this week, but luckily the great one followed the craptastic one so I don’t have to think about that earlier stinkfest. Instead I can enjoy the new clean and jerk PR and deadlift triple PR I set today

Regardless of workout quality though I am always hitting up a finisher to cap things off and the one I’ve got lined up for you today was a pretty good one. Get your barbell and a kettlebell out and prepare for some fun.

Here’s the set up:

6:00 AMRAP
A) BB Drop Lunge x 3/leg
B) Burpee over BB x 1, 2, 3…
C) KB Single Arm swing x 1, 2, 3…/arm

Check out this video for better description and a demo:

Try it out and comment on your score (how far up the ladder you made it)!

Triple Sevens KB/BW Hybrid "Fun"isher
Thruster and Burpee Countdown "Fun"isher

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