Plyo Kettlebell Superset Ladder

Alright it’s time for another shot of weekend workout goodness. While I had a fantastic sprint session at the park today, I am leaving you with this little gem of a workout to try out. It’s loaded with several elements that I find appealing.

1 – It’s simple. Two exercises, that’s it. No further thinking required

2 – Something unconventional. Sure the big 6 kettlebell moves (squat, swing, get up, press, clean, snatch) are all great, but there is a lot more that can be done with a kettlebell than just those. Here we use the ground to overhead, which is essentially a deadlift, high pull, and press all rolled into one. If you are advanced you could even sub in the double snatch here.

3 – Ladders. One of my favorite ways to set up finisher. And with this one we get two ladders for the price of one. One move ascending and one move descending.

4 – Plyometrics- If you’re capable, plyometric movements are powerful, and can make you feel like an athlete. Squat jumps are one of the easiest ways to incorporate these types of movements

So here’s how all of those elements are combined:

For Time:
2A) KB Ground to Overhead x 10, 20, 30
2B) Squat Jumps x 30, 20, 10

And the video demo:

There ya go, try it out and let me know how it treats you!

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