Pull, Push, and Swing Workout

This week’s finisher was a fun one.  I wanted to see how much lighter my eighty pound kettlebell felt after learning proper technique at the RKC certification last weekend so I just had to do some swings. Add in a push and pull and this became a good little session.

I knocked this out as a 10:00 AMRAP after a sprint session at the park, but you could definitely go longer or shorter as you see fit. Here’s the setup:

A) Pullup x1, 2, 3…

B) Pushup x 2, 4, 6…

C) KB swing x3, 6, 9…

Work your way as far up the ladder as you can. Once you can’t complete a rep or your form breaks down, start coming back down. My form got ugly on the round of 18 swings so I started coming back down. You may want a lighter bell to switch to on the way down if your form is still shaky.

Hit it up and let me know how you do! Here’s what a few round looked like for me:

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