Pullup Match Workout

This week’s installment of the Friday “Fun”isher utilizes a similar set up to the most popular finisher I’ve posted, the Burpee Match Workout.

I used pullups this time instead of burpees to set the reps and then introduced some weighted exercises in the main set, along with some burpees for good measure 🙂 Do you struggle with pullups? Substitute recline rows instead.

The exact setup goes like this:

Start the workout with:
1A) 1:00 AMRAP of pullups
rest 30 seconds

Use your rep total from 1A to set the # of reps of each move in set #2

1x through:
2A) Double KB Cleans
2B) Sandbag Shouldering
2C) Burpee + broad jump
rest 30 seconds

Then finish with another 1:00 AMRAP of pullups

Here’s how I fared:

19 pullups to start, 16 to end.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments below!

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