Race to 50 Bodyweight Workout “Fun”isher

I have got to tell you, Fridays are rapidly becoming my favorite day to workout. I wish I could say it’s because I am usually testing out one of these weekly finishers, which I always look forward too, but I don’t work on Friday’s so I get to spend a little more time in the gym and don’t have to rush through a workout. That makes me happy. A Friday workout usually involves some strength based movement. Lately it’s been heavy deadlifts. Love me some heavy deadlifts.

After that I still have to get the blood pumping so I will finish the day off with something like today’s finisher. I really enjoyed the set up for today, and I will have to include a few more like this in the coming weeks. You have a goal target of reps to hit of the first movement (in this case 50 toes to bar) and will pay a penalty each time you drop off the bar (4 burpees). Here is the set up:

For Time:
A) Toes to Bar x 50
B) Burpees x 4 every time you drop off the bar

If you can do fifty straight without dropping off the bar you are a better man than I. The rest of us will take our penalty burpees thank you very much. Check out the video if you’re still confused about the set up:

My time was 4:10 in 5 sets (16 burpees). Let me know how you fare in the comments below!

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