RKC Training Log: Week 1

If you don’t know, I’m training for the RKC in April.  Each week I will be detailing the exact workouts that I am following to give you an idea of how I’m preparing and provide a roadmap for other looking to follow a similar training path.

As of right now my plan is relatively simple. During the week I am doing two twenty minute sessions in the morning of technique work. Sunday will be a longer dedicated workout, with a mix of complexes and technique stuff.  And at least once a week I will be performing a variation of the snatch test to measure progress.

The plan looks decent on paper, but week one already threw me a curveball. Been battling a bit of a back issue the last few days so I wasn’t able to get in my longer session this weekend.  No worries though, still saw noticeable improvement in the TGU and snatch department.

Here’s how my schedule broke down:

Tuesday AM:

20:00 AMRAP
A) swings @53 x20
B) TGU L/R @35 x1, 2, 3….
C) one handed swings L/R @ 53# x10/sd
D) clean and press L/R @ 53#

Wednesday AM:

5 rounds of:
A) swings @ 53 x20
B) TGU L/R @ 35

A) Snatches L/R x4,5,6,7,8
Plus 9 on the right and 4 on the left….gassed!

Friday PM:

Snatch test before main workout: 91 reps!

Saturday AM:

Clean and Press ladder w/ 53# – up to 5reps/ side and back down

10:00 AMRAP of
A) 2 handed KB swings @53# x20
B) SA swings @ 53# x10/sd
C) TGU L/R @ 35#

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