RKC Training Log: Week 10

The week wrapped up the final week of preparation leading up to the certification. I had a few hard workouts this week, but now the focus shifts to some skill work to practice and more rest to get ready for Friday. There’s not much I can do this week to get in better shape so all I can do is recover and see how things go.

Given the recent back injury, things have come together the last few weeks as well as I could have hoped. I’m feeling pretty darn good right now so I’m optimistic that the weekend will go well. I’ll be sure to post up a detailed summary of how it goes. In the meantime, here’s how the last week of workouts went.


10:00 AMRAP
1A) TGUs L/R

5 rounds, as complex w/ dbl 53s
2A) Cleans x5
2B) Swings x5
2C) Deadlift x5
2D) Pushups on KBs x10
rest 60s

10 rounds, for time – 17:10
3A) Snatch L x5
3B) Snatch R x5
3C) Burpees x10

Pullup match finisher: 1x through
4A) 1:00 AMRAP of pullups (19)
rest 30s
4B) Dbl KB cleans x19
4C) Sandbag Shouldering x19
4D) Burpee + Broad Jump x19
rest 30s
4E) 1:00 AMRAP of pullups (16)


Every 30s for 5:00
1A) Rapid Fire Squat jump + knee tuck x5

EMOM x 6:00
2A) Dbl KB rack squats @ 53 x8

For time:
3A) KB Goblet Thruster @ 53 x 10, 20, 30, 20 ,10
3B) Forward/backward bear crawl x 20 ft down and back
3C) Single arm swing @ 53 x 30, 20, 10, 20, 30

4 rounds, for time
4A) KB rack (53#) + suitcase (62#) carry x 80ft
4B) bottom half burpees x10
4C) Toes to bar x10


3 rounds of 40s work, 20s rest
1A) KB SDLHP @62
1B) KB Goblet Squat @62
1C) Hand Release Pushups
1D) Double KB cleans @53
1E) KB Renegade Rows @53

2A) 100 KB snatches, for time – 4:54

For time, 10,8,6,4,2 reps of each – 8:38
3A) Burpee + Box Jump @ 24″
3B) Recline Rows
3C) Wide grip to narrow grip plyo pushups
3D) KB american swings @62


25:00 of:
1A) Snatch L/R
1B) Clean L/R
1C) Press L/R
1D) 1 arm swing L/R

6:00 AMRAP of:
2A) Russian Swings x3, 6, 9…
2B) Pushups x3, 6, 9…

Burpees, Rows, Pushups, and Swings - A Friday Funisher
Pullup Match Workout

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