RKC Training Log: Week 2

It was my second full week of training for the RKC.  To be honest I’m feeling a little beat up, particularly a little more soreness in the low back and my left shoulder.  I might have to work in a few extra rest days and mobility work next week to emphasize recovery a little bit.  Here’s how week two broke down:

Tuesday PM:

20:00 AMRAP w/ 53# KB

A) Swings x10

B) Clean and Press x5/side

C) Swings x10

D) Front Squat x5/side

EMOTM (see video):

A) Double KB Squat Clean w/ 53# KBs x2

B) KB swings w/ 70# KB for remainder of minute

Repeat until 100 reps of B are completed

Wednesday PM:

10:00 AMRAP of Dan John’s “Armor Builder” complex – used 2 53# KBs

A) Cleans x3

B) Front Squat x2

C) Press x1

Additional Snatches during my Birthday workout

Saturday AM:

Both sets integrated into my normal workout

5:00 Snatch Test: 94 reps!

10:00 AMRAP of TGUs w/ 45# KB

Sunday PM:

15:00 AMRAP Ladder of following complex:

A) Snatch x1, 2, 3….

B) Single arm swings x5

C) Clean x1, 2, 3….

D) Single Arm swings x5

E) Front Squat x1, 2, 3….

Repeat on other side before adding a rep to A, C, and D

10:00 EMOTM:

A) KB swings w/ 53# KB

B) Burpees


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