RKC Training Log: Week 3

My third week of training for the RKC wrapped up today, and it’s probably been my best week so far.  It was a deload week so I wasn’t doing any heavy barbell training and that allowed me to focus on the kettlebells almost exclusively. Because of a sore shoulder I avoided all pressing all week and it’s feeling better so I will start working that back in next week.  Feeling stronger across the board and I hit 100 reps on the snatch test for the first time, which is a huge confidence booster still 10 weeks out from the cert.

Here’s how the week broke down:

Tuesday PM:

15 rounds, roughly 30:00
A) KB swings w/ 53# x10, 11, 12…..24
B) TGU R/L – 1st 5 used 35#, 2nd 5 45#, last 5 53#

5:00 AMRAP w/ 53# KB
A) Clean R x1, 2, 3…
B) Clean L x1, 2, 3…
C) Sitouts x2, 4, 6…

Wednesday PM:

4 rounds of KB complex w/ 53#
A) Snatch x2
B) Clean x4
C) FSQ x6
D) 1 arm swing x8
repeat on other side = 1 round, rest 30s

Strapped on 20# weight vest for 3:00 AMRAPs with 1:00 rest between of:
A) Pullups – 28
B) Pushups – 66
C) Squats – 82
D) Burpees – 40
E) 400m run, for time – 1:44

Kept the vest on for 4 rounds of:
A) Farmer walk – 53# KB racked, 80# KB at side ~50ft
B) Bear Crawl ~ 50ft

Friday PM:

1A) Kneeling jump to tuck jump x2 every 20s for 3:00

Set 2: Double KB complex w/ 53#ers – 5x through, 30s rest between
2A) Clean x5
2B) Swing x5
2C) Deadlift x5
2D) Pushups on KBs x10

3A) Snatch Test w/ 53# KB – 5:00 AMRAP – 102 reps!

Set 4: 5 rounds for time w/ 53# KB – 7:10
4A) Clapping Pushups x10, 8, 6, 4, 2
4B) Pullups x10, 8, 6, 4, 2
4C) American Swings x10, 8, 6, 4, 2
4D) Goblet Squat x10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Saturday AM:

12 rounds of:
A) Sled pull w/ 123# x ~40yds (alternated forward and backward each round)
B) Shuttle Sprint x 2 (40yds down and back)
C) Burpees x10
D) KB swings x20
30s walking rest

Sunday AM:

Set 1: 6:00
A) Squat Tuck Jump x5 every 30s

Set 2: 6:00 AMRAP
A) TGU L/R w/ 53# KB – Did 6 rounds

Set 3: 6:00 AMRAP of SA complex w/ 53# KB
A) Clean x5
B) Rack Squat x5
C) SA swing x5
D) Bent over Row x5
switch sides – Got through each side 3x + A and B on the Right

Set 4: 6:00 of EMOTM of:
A) Sitouts x10
B) KB Snatch for remainder of the minute
1st 3:00 used 62# KB – 28 reps
2nd 3:00 used 53# KB – 38 reps (form was getting slopping w/ the heavier bell)

Set 5: 4 rounds (2/side) for time – 7:45
A) SA swing w/ 53# KB x15
B) Skater Hops x15/sd
C) Side Plank w/ reach and rotation x15

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