RKC Training Log: Week 4

Wow, so I’ve been training for four weeks already.  Time flies!

This was a so-so week.  I had a coupe of good sessions, and a couple of subpar days, including a disappointing variation of the snatch test on Friday.  I can’t dwell on that though and got to take it one day at a time from here on out.  I am feeling stronger in other areas and was fairly pleased to how I handled reintegrating pressing into the programming.

Here’s how the week broke down:

Tuesday PM:

1A) Weighted Pullups w/ 35# x3 – EMOTM x 8:00

2A) Double KB squats w/ 53’s x20, 15, 10, 5 rest 50s, 40s, 30s between

8:00 AMRAP
3A) Snatch w/ 62# KB x1/sd, 2, 3….
3B) Dragon Flag Negative x 1, 2, 3….
Finished 6 rounds + A + 2 DFs

4A) Burpee + lateral hop over KB x 20, 15, 10, 5
4B) KB GTOH w/ 53# KB x 5, 10, 15, 20

Wednesday PM:

1A) Seated Tuck Jumps x2 every 20s for 3:00

6:00 AMRAP
2A) HSPU x3
2B) Double KB Drop Lunge w/ 53s x3/sd
7 rounds

3 rounds w/ 53# KB, for time – 5:36
3A) Clean x5
3B) Split Jerk x5
3C) SA swing x10
switch sides

10:00 AMRAP
4A) Double KB Squat Clean w/ 53s x4
4B) Plyo switch pushups over KB x 6
4C) Shuttle Sprint x 20ft up and back x4
4D) KB Farmer walk up and back down stairs w/ 70# and 62#
5 rounds + A

Friday AM:

1A) 12:00 AMRAP of TGUs with 53# KB

2A) 6:00 AMRAP of SA snatches w/ 53# KB
Only 108 reps.

Saturday PM:

5 rounds of:
1A) Broad Jumps x6
2A) SA KB swing x10/sd

10 rounds of:
2A) Clean and Press w/ 53# KB x3/sd
2B) Forward/backward bear crawl x ~20ft down and back

12:00 AMRAP of:
3A) pullups x5
3B) burpees x10
3C) Goblet squats w/ 53# KB x15
3D) 2A KB swing w/ 53# KB x20
Finished 4 rounds + A and B

Sunday PM:

20:00 technique session:
A) TGU R/L @ 53#
B) 2A swings @ 62# x20

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