RKC Training Log: Week 5

Week 5 of RKC training is officially in the books.  It was a decent week.  I didn’t get in as much skill work as the past few weeks, but I was happy with some more improvement in the snatch department.

I embarked on a new training program so I will not exclusively training with kettlebells for the foreseeable future. The program should allow me to get in some of the supplemental skill work and I’ll keep programming them into finishers and keep my dedicated complex/skill day on Sundays. Although my upper body was pretty sore from Friday and Saturday’s workout that I opted for more of a conditioning day today.

Anyway, here’s how the week broke down:

Tuesday PM

10:00 TGU practice w/ 53# KB

4 sets of Double KB rack squats and Goblet bulgarian split squats worked into the main programming

Friday PM:

20:00 AMRAP of:
1A) Weighted Pullups @ 35 x3
1B) Plyo Clapping Pushups x8
1C) KB swings @ 62 x16
10 rounds + A, B, and 4 swings

6:00 AMRAP Ladder w/ 53# KB:
2A) SA Clean, Squat, and Press x 1, 2, 3/sd….
2B) Lunge Jumps x10

Saturday AM:

5 x 5 set of Double KB push presses @ 53# and 4 x 8 set of Bent over Double KB rows @ 53# in the main programming

Snatch Test:

A) 3:00 KB snatch @ 62# – 53
rest 1:00
B) 3:00 KB snatch @ 53# – 64

1x through, for time – 10:25
A) KB snatch @ 62 x20, alt arms ea rep
B) Hand Release Pushup x40
C) KB snatch @ 62 x20, alt arms ea rep
D) Feet Elevated Recline Rows x40

Sunday AM:

12 rounds of 30s work/15s rest of:
A) Airdyne sprint
B) hand to hand single arm KB swing @ 53
C) Hollow rocks

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