RKC Training Log: Week 6

It felt good to be training for the RKC again this week.  I was essentially forced to take a three week hiatus to fix up a low back injury.  So while it sucked to take that much time off, it was needed in order to get me to the workshop in April healthy and ready.

Unfortunately with a back injury there wasn’t much I could do to train around it so I had to rely on walking and mobility work to keep myself sane.  As a result my conditioning has suffered a bit and while it was exciting to be lifting again this week, it was also a bit frustrating to see the effects of lost time.

I can’t dwell on that though.  I can only keep preparing as best as I can from this point forward and keep myself healthy in the process. If I have a good month I will show up ready to go.

It was a light week, easing (for me) back into things.  Just 3 workouts. Here’s what they looked like:


5 rounds of:
1A) Burpee Broad Jump x2
1B) KB swings @53 x20

3 rounds each arm w/ 53# KB, 30s rest between of:
2A) Push Press x5
2B) Rack Squat x10
2C) Bent over row x10

6:00 AMRAP of:
3A) Kneeling jump to tuck jump x2
3B) Double KB thruster w/ 53s x3
3C) Hand to hand KB swing @ 53 x4/arm


5 rounds of:
1A) Dbl KB rack squat x10
1B) Box jump @ 24″ x5

3 rounds of:
2A) Dbl KB Clean x10
2B) KB American Swings x20

5 rounds of:
3A) Farmer walks w/ 65/85# KBs
3B) KB swings x20
Note to self: not a fun setup. Grip was shot!

8:00 AMRAP of:
A) KB snatch x5/arm
B) Burpee box jump x5
C) pullups x5


8 rounds of:
1A) Weighted pullups @ 35# x4
1B) KB swings @53# x20

4 rounds of:
2A) Sandbag squat clean x5
2B) Single KB rack drop lunge x5/side

3A) 5:00 Snatch Test @ 53# – 86

For time, used 53# KBs throughout:
4A) 200m sprint
4B) KB Goblet Squat x15
4C) Box Jump @ 24″ x15
4D) 200m sprint
4E) Double KB Clean x15
4F) KB Ground to Overhead x15
4G) 200m sprint
4H) American swings x15
4I) Russian swings x15
4J) 200m sprint
4K) Burpees x15
4L) Pullups x15
4M) 200m sprint
Finished in 14:24……slow!


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